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Vinlong Group Limited is a large-scale enterprise which concentrate on producing,developing,selling and serving of stainless steel welded tubes and pipes,stainless steel plates,stainless steel coils ect.The branches of enterprise are Vinlong Stainless Steel (Vietnam) Co.,Ltd  and  Guangdong Vinlong Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd.


Vinlong Stainless Steel (Vietnam) Co.,Ltd is a subsidiary of Vinlong Group Limited which is a wholly owned investment in Vietnam.The company was founded in  January14,2014,located at Long Giang Industrial Park in Tien Giang province,covering an area of 10,200 square meters.All our main production is strictly in accordance with the standards of ASTM A554、ASTM A249、ASTM A269、ASTM A270.We have an automatic hydraulic slitting line, twenty-two production lines, nine polishing lines,and a number of outstanding technical engineers and managers who have more than 20 years experience ,the total number of staff is about 200 people.Our annual output is more than 21000tons.


Our enterprise have built good cooperation with human resources and social services of local government in Vietnam. In addition, our experienced team has been working on research、producing more high-end and more high-quality products,and developing more comprehensive production services.


Our tubes have been sold to all around the world,including the United States,Canada, Brazil, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Australia, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa and so on.


Guangdong Vinlong Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd is located at Lanshi Metal Trading Market,Foshan City,Guangdong Province,China,which is mainly responsible for procurement and sales for Vinlong Group Limited.


Our primary responsibility of purchasing department is to purchase raw materials and a variety of auxiliary materials of production for Vinlong (Vietnam),selecting、establishing the high-quality and stable supplier channels.Currently,we have established good partnership with TISCO、BAOSTEEL、LISCO group corporations and so on.


Our primary responsibility of sales department is to explore the global market and do well in customer service. We have a highly collaborative spirit and cohesion of the sales team, they give reasonable advice to customers according to their professional in this industry ,and provide customers the most competitive quality、price and most perfect after-sales service.


Vinlong Group Limited is a multinational enterprise, our company not only focus on business value, but also pay more attention to the social value of the enterprise.The purpose of our company is working hard and creating a win–win partnership of multinational company with all relating parties: employees, customers, enterprise,community.


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